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Pole camera, and other weird focus

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


Image by: andrec

Tape a camera on a pole, takes shots all from the left. Focus on the background. Narrate. Your reasons need to have focus, but until you have the experience of what to use when on a set it’s pointless to not know. Errrrrr citation. 

A tour guide in paris

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: pedrosimoes7

Every town has it’s dingy streets. Every home has it’s sweet spot to be cozy in. as a director you want to illustrate this in the film. Your either taking the audience into the phantoms of a war zone or off to outer space. But you have to make sure it’s not you that knows of the environment. but your guest. 

Take a ride with me on a magical journey out to the sea. Breath in the rich clean air. 

Less take in the rich life of this town and all of it’s native history. 

Out to the centuries of workmanship and many splendors this way of life hath created for it’s inhabitants and the customers, guest and friends.