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Today. I will not write a play of grand proportions.

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Just a mere assessment of the state of the hour in the house of a designer. One can strive to keep at the art. Or one can strive to find a new/ nay old way to design.

Hit up the book store … A cop just drove by on a Segway.. BAH AA HAAAA Ha… Uhum *clears mind*.

Go to the book stores, the old crusty ones that have rare out of print books. Dig trough the 70’s 80’s and 1920’s design books. And then hit the decorating books.
Ancient ancient books have godly amounts of hidden forgotten knowledge. And in a way it’s like a magic trick. But it’s all in how you use it.

Life is slow but forward. Read tomorrow, design today.

Oh.. There went the Segway again

A word from the author

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The design here is almost finished. The biggest issue to take care of first is the lack of filler text. As in maybe stories of how one goes about using this knowledge or better illustrated examples.

The second biggest goal is Video. The only way to show a film is through a film. Or well timed sequential pictures. But you would have to scroll really fast down the page to use that method.

Technical problems you will catch are styling errors on different pages. The sidebar being little to no use for now, and that footer at the bottom.

Mission statement? Do I need one, do you need one?
Make a film d@m it. Just go do it.

If you can’t I will instruct you how to with bubble gum if thats all you have.



Pole camera, and other weird focus

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009


Image by: andrec

Tape a camera on a pole, takes shots all from the left. Focus on the background. Narrate. Your reasons need to have focus, but until you have the experience of what to use when on a set it’s pointless to not know. Errrrrr citation. 

Cheap tricks

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: rhys400d

Rolling, we go rolling down in my rolls royce. We go chilling up and down the hills of beverly in my wait… ford bronco. 

This is open to soooo much. More b-roll. Cars. Catch a driving car on the highway, match jumpcut in the ford bronco. Flying airplanes at the landing station. people in a fight at a store. super fast running with a skate board. Marf need list here.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: cwsteeds

If you have access to say a house, a mansion whatever. Lets see it! The art of b-roll and it’s power to get out of jam. Run on everything. Take pictures of the hall ways, the ceiling, the floor, the cabinets, out side the windows, the roof, it’s views. Panoramas, dirt. Bathrooms. Do a walk through. play with the lights. Put stuff in the way of the camera operator to have to step over. Use the Pole! Use the Pole!

Your trying to give life to the environment. The environment is a very selfish actor if it gets in the cameras crosshairs. The entire room can be an operetta. Marf

A tour guide in paris

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: pedrosimoes7

Every town has it’s dingy streets. Every home has it’s sweet spot to be cozy in. as a director you want to illustrate this in the film. Your either taking the audience into the phantoms of a war zone or off to outer space. But you have to make sure it’s not you that knows of the environment. but your guest. 

Take a ride with me on a magical journey out to the sea. Breath in the rich clean air. 

Less take in the rich life of this town and all of it’s native history. 

Out to the centuries of workmanship and many splendors this way of life hath created for it’s inhabitants and the customers, guest and friends.


Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: colourcrazy

Give me an actor that can dance and I will give you a film that can be made in the oasis of hell.

We’re making paper films here. What you see on screen will be cheated. Everything down to the last color alter. Your actor should be able to act in any stage with out effects, costumes, props or scenery. The point I am addressing is that a first draft is possible anywhere. There is no need to find permission to get a castle or a mansion to shoot a famous ball room scene. Just shoot it in the street. At your apartment. In the coffee shop. Where ever. Just shoot it. 


Monday, January 5th, 2009


Image by: suneko

Get it from life. Find it from books. Read it do it repeat it. Nature has some boring words all through out the day. But it’s real. It’s the goal of deciphering what you hear and read into something that fits the time block that you have and it’s context to the stories narrative. It’s art. Even though you can’t see it you sure can feel it. It’s a sense that must be appreciated. Cause without it you have pretty pictures with no one to tell you otherwise. And if your story must have even one word. It D@m sure well better have been selected and tested over and over again to get it write. 

Make a company

Monday, January 5th, 2009


Yeah sure there’s a billion plus companies. So add another. It’s your work, and it looks cooler than say, Ruphered Mitchel Dillas film. Get something that makes you proud and empowered. In the end it’s still just you and your name but it’s what makes you happy. Or do you just want money? Well then pick a name that targets that goal. Money is a form of happiness either way.

The stalling factor

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Steps to film making. Better cheaper faster. First draft is the show-mans draft.