Lovey Dovey Buttons Smash!

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What's in a name?

The frustration to make everything awesome.

It's that certain feeling you get when you're deep into the flow of art, be it Photoshop Web Design, 3D rendering or just writing a riveting screenplay, the computer just abruptly decides to take a vacation on it's own terms locking up all of those lovely pixels you created. ... Arrg... buttons.... Ah window... time for a coffee break..

Nicholas Hall


Career Objective

To expand my graphic design talents utilizing cutting-edge technology, and to further increase the unification of future standards in film and media perspectives.


Director, Producer, Graphics, 48-Hour Film Festival; Portland, ME 2007 & 2008

I organized and led a film crew in the 48-hour film festival for the years 2007 & 2008. We were given two days and two nights to produce a short film from random themes. I have preformed as a director, producer, motion graphics and color correct for the films. Out of twenty plus teams we placed in the finals top ten contestants two years in a row, in addition to winning "Best Graphics in a film for Portland, ME 2008".

Work Experience

Graphic Designer and I.T.; Lone Wolf Documentary Group. June, 2003 - 2008

During my tenure at Lone Wolf Documentary Group, we continued to receive Emmy awards and nominations for shows airing on cable networks consisting of The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and PBS/NOVA. My employment within the past four and a half years has given me the opportunity to work alongside some very talented filmmakers ever expanding my own skills. I have been responsible not only for the proper utility of all hardware and software, but also for the development, design and maintenance of the company's website (, as well as the design of corporate dvd covers, business graphics, project proposals, photography shoots, and programing advanced server side functionality collaboration utilities.


Self taught. In addition to acquiring a G.E.D.


Macintosh, PC, Linux, Unix Editing, Writing, Color Correction, Motion Graphics, Photography, Image Manipulation

After Effects - Motion Graphics ActionScript - 2.0, 3.0
Photoshop - Image Editing HTML - Web Site Programing
final Cut Pro - Movie Editing and Compositing Ruby on Rails - System Data Base Web Design
Flash - Interactive Web Site Design MySql - Data Base Management
Illustrator - Vector Graphics Xml - Extensible Markup Language
Dreamweaver - HTML Web Design Ruby - Scripting Language for Application Design
LightWave - 3D Design Shell - Direct Command Line Interface
Blender - 3D Design Mongrel - HTTP library and server for Ruby
Cinema 4D - 3D Design Druby - Distributed Ruby Server
Modo - 3D Design Javascript - Scripting Language for Web Design
ZBrush - 3D Design
Microsoft - Word, Excel
FileMaker Pro - Data Base Design
Apple iWork Series - Pages, Keynote
Indesign - Print Layout
Motion - Real-Time Motion Graphics Media
Shake - High Scale Production Compositing